BioShock Infinite Update v1.1.22.46499 Incl Clash in the Clouds DLC-FTS

CHANGELOG v1.1.21.26939
*Fix for occasional crash occurring during startup of the game during opening movies.
*Fix for some audio being permanently disabled if a checkpoint is restored while the screen
 is still faded to black prior to the player’s first encounter with Daisy Fitzroy.
*Fix for user inventory issue in the Town Center fair.

CHANGELOG v1.1.21.59082
*Improvements to help reduce frame-rate "hitching" or "stuttering" that may occur when playing 
 the game on some hardware configurations.
*NOTE: Frame-rate consistency is best when playing with the Graphics Option titled "Lock Framerate"
 set to ON (i.e. v-sync enabled).
*Fix some users being unable to switch the Texture Detail option to any setting other than Low or
 Very Low.
*NOTE: Users should now have all options available to them. However, playing on extremely high
 resolutions and/or detail levels can result in texture artifacts if the video card does not have
 enough video RAM to fully satisfy the memory requirements of that configuration. If this occurs,
 reducing resolution, graphics quality, and/or texture detail may help alleviate these artifacts.
*Adjustments to the Mouse Sensitivity option to facilitate lowering sensitivity further
*NOTE: This may cause changes to mouse sensitivity for existing players, requiring them to re-adjust
*Fix for the Nav-Aid occasionally suggesting that the player use a Sky-Line that is not currently
 available for use.
*Fix for a rare crash when using a Sky-Line Strike attack on a Handyman.
*Fix for an issue that may cause checkpoint progress to become inaccessible and appear to be lost. 
*Changes to improve overall game stability.

CHANGELOG v1.1.21.65455
*Fix for a memory leak that caused crashing on some systems after playing for an extended period of
*Fix for the game occasionally using an invalid refresh rate and/or resolution on computers with
 multiple graphics adapters. On some machines this corrects an issue wherein the game shows only a
 black screen at startup or when switching into full-screen mode.
*Level loading time improvements.

CHANGELOG v1.1.22.46499
*Added features necessary to support upcoming DLC.
*Fix for issue where the navigation assist / nav aid arrow was not showing the path of jumping from
 the deck of the barge to the sky-line above when viewing it from the barge after the town lottery.

DLC Included:

Columbia's Finest DLC

*Season Pass("AHeadStart")
 includes the Early Bird Special Pack. This pack includes four exclusive gears, Machine Gun and 
 Pistol Damage Upgrades, gold skins for each weapon, and five Infusion bottles - which allow the 
 player to increase their health, shield durability, or ability to use Vigors by increasing the 
 amount of Salts they can hold

*Comstock's Broom("ChinaBroom"\"BirdsEye")
 in-game upgrade for the China Broom shotgun, giving it a unique Comstock skin and an exclusive 
 damage enhancement
 in-game upgrade for the Bird's Eye sniper rifle, giving it a unique Comstock skin and an 
 exclusive damage enhancement

*Industrial Revolution("IndustrialRevolution")
 3 Exclusive Gear: Handyman Nemesis, Sugar Rush, and Fleet Feet 
 500 Silver Eagles (In-Game cash) 
 5 lockpicks 
 Learn about the city of Columbia and its factions through story chunks.

*Collector's Edition Content("UpgradePack")
 Three exclusive Gear power-ups: 
 Bull Rush (makes sprinting melee strikes more effective) 
 Extra! Extra! (audio logs grant extra in-game money)
 Betrayer (possessed enemies that you kill explode in a deadly fireball)

Clash in the Clouds DLC 

*This first add-on pack puts an intense focus on BioShock Infinite combat. Combine weapons, 
 Vigors, Gear, Tears and Sky-Lines in ways you never thought possible as you square off 
 against impossible odds. This pack features 60 challenges in 4 brand-new maps. Complete 
 Blue Ribbon Challenges and unlock concept art, Voxophones, Kinetoscopes, and more in The 
 Columbian Archeological Society.

  • Release Name: BioShock.Infinite.Update.v1.1.22.46499.Incl.DLC-FTS
  • Size: 4.51 GB

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